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Which Exhaust System Do Most Racers Choose?

Drag racing is a fantastic sport. Have you ever attended a drag race? If not, you are probably wondering what the fuss is about. A day at the races can be lots of fun, full of tons of excitement for both spectators and drivers. Do not think that drag racing is simply about a handful of motor heads showing off and drinking the day away.This sport would not have developed the way it has if that was true. Do not be fooled by the typical stereotype, it is great day trip and is definitely family friendly.

Numerous sports are struggling due the economy declining over the last three years or so. Season ticket prices for many major sports have always been expensive. But we now regrettably are in a time where lots of households just cannot afford to spend the cash. Wherein the past going to a sporting event seemed to be part of everyday life, it has now turned into a luxury. Both baseball and football attendance is down over the last few years, as numerous families just cannot afford to go. It is interesting to note that of all the sports in the usa today, racing has got the smallest decline of spectator attendance of any other sport. At some venues they are actually seeing a rise in numbers.

Why is drag racing losing less spectators than other sports? If you have ever attended a race, you will be aware that ticket prices to a day at the races are much cheaper than the other major sports. The great thing about it is it goes on for the whole day. There is lots to do at the track, so paying lessfor the unique atmosphere race day provides sounds very attractive to fans. Considering the amount you pay for tickets and also the constant entertainment you are getting the entire day, it is great bang for your buck.

Race day is usually not just about the particular drivers competing on the track. There is a lot more for you to do. At most of the venues you will be able to get very close to the pit area. In most other motor sports, this really is something that only a select few, rich V.I.P.s can experience. At a drag race any ticket holder gets a close up view of the competitors as well as their engineers working hard. It is this interaction that makes it different from most other sports. There will also be cars on show during the day, where you can see some magnificent machines close up and personal.

If you have not attended a drag racing day with the family, it is time to try and do it. Once you are hooked, you might also want to consider racing yourself, or perhaps doing a bit of custom work to your own car. To learn more about Mahle Piston , visit race-mart.com. You can find out information about a brand new Oil Pan, Exhaust System or perhaps a new Ignition System. Make sure you explore all your options prior to getting any new car parts like a Truck Bed Cover or even a Towing Hitch.


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